Thanks to our intelligent investment plan, gold is available to everyone and it is no longer the privilege of the rich people. However, it is still a symbol of luxury and prestige. When buying it, it is important to reach for quality.

In IBIS InGold, we highly appreciate that we have passed a comprehensive audit so we can offer premium quality gold. We have become exclusive partners of one of the best world’s refineries – Swiss PAMP.

The Refinery PAMP was founded in 1977 and its name has a weight of million troy ounces in the world of gold. Their main products are ingots with the motif of Lady Fortune. It symbolizes precisely what the gold will bring to its investors – an abundance of happiness and joy.

The Refinery PAMP belongs to important innovators. They have developed a unique technology VERISCAN™. With this technology, you do not have to worry about becoming a victim of counterfeiters and fraudsters whose technologies go forward by leaps and bounds and it is not easy to resist them. VERISCAN checks an ingot micro surface which is unique for each piece while enabling an immediate verification of investment ingots or coins.

Happiness comes from Switzerland